Freelance web developer

London, uk


I am a creative web developer with a polyvalent background. 
I have strong development skills (front-end and back-end) and I am always up to learn and try new technologies.

I work for and with creative industries. My work days consist of going to offices, sit with the designer to create prototypes, modules, small HTML5 games, responsive web page, front-end of websites or complete website from scratch with CMS like Wordpress.
I have a strong UX understanding and I can help to solve problems when needed.
I cut and integrate design from Photoshop, Sketch or Illustrator.

My key skills are advanced HTML5, Javascript & CSS3. 
I use CSS pre-processors (SASS, LESS), Javascript (jQuery, Object Orientated JavaScript, APIs, vanilla JS), Git version management. 
I had experience with Javascript task manager like Grunt, Gulp, JavaScript package managers such as Bower and NPM. 
I worked in Agile project environment a few times and I easily adapt myself to the project needs.

London, GB


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, SASS, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress, Responsive Design, Git, Animation