alice peretie
Wildlife Photographer and Freelance Web Designer
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alice peretie
London, United Kingdom
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I'm Alice, a 21 year old Wildlife Photographer and Freelance Web Designer. By purchasing one of my prints, you contribute to beautiful socio-ecological projects like Virunga National Park (DRC) or Lewa Wildlife (Kenya). I use my work as an opportunity to engage and share ideas around sustainable development. So hit me up if you just want to know more/chat/get involved: I’m interested in wildlife conservation and development: how can conservation be linked to socio-economic wellbeing, in terms of education, security, health, infrastructure for local communities? I absolutely love designing websites and have advised / built some from scratch for both particulars and corporations. Design was the most important criterion to maximise my clients’ experience as they go through my work to select prints...and I then wanted to help others out. Let me know!
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#wildlifephotography #meaningfultourism #conservationphotography #naturelovers
University College London ~ Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle