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Brown & Rosie

10-12 Exhibition Rd Kensington

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A contemporary showcase of quality, casual dining and crisp, modern design; Brown and Rosie is a landmark coffee shop which brings a slice of the Australian breakfast and brunch culture to London. 

Catering to the demands of modern life, the menus are rich in taste, authenticity and quality. Brown and Rosie redefines the notion of takeaway and dine in food – delicious, wholesome meals for breakfast and lunch, served swiftly and sustainably in an extraordinary place.
Located on Exhibition Road, home to a group of world-class institutions that share a unique cultural history. Founded from the surplus generated by the Great Exhibition of 1851 this street has always been one of the grandest in London.  


Founded by entrepreneurial minds, in homage to their Australian friends, with a vision to create a social space where people can come together to eat, relax, meet and socialise. A place to escape, to recharge, to brainstorm. 
Think of it as your ‘third space’ – a home away from home, an office away from the actual office! 


Brown and Rosie are intending to support local charities. We believe giving back is paramount . Our philosophy is built on creating unique experiences for communities through our excellence, teamwork, leadership, unique atmosphere, quality of products that brings people together.


Brown and Rosie is committed to sustainability by reducing its impact on the environment  and to having a positive impact on the society it operates in. 
100% of our packaging is recyclable so we ask that you split your waste and recycle in the bins provided.