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Temperance Society

127 Kangaroo Rd Hughesdale

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When it comes to specialty coffee and trendy brunches, Hughesdale may not immediately come to mind. However Temperance Society is putting this suburb on the map, bringing a little slice of inner-city cafe culture to the south.

It is no surprise the venue is such a drawcard, it was started by two specialty coffee advocates – Julien Moussi and Eamon Sheahan. With a host of cafes between them, the pair was perfectly placed to introduce a new kind of cafe to the south. Together, they transformed an old milk bar into a bustling cafe, where good coffee and good food reign supreme.

The pair opened the Hughesdale hot spot in mid-2016 and like every aspect of the venture, the name was carefully chosen. In the early 20th century, temperance societies were formed to prevent people from drinking alcohol. The teetotallers would meet frequently in milk bars, which were a haven for those who preferred to abstain from alcohol. Julien and Eamon thought the name was fitting for an unlicensed cafe in a converted milk bar.

Understandably, the central focus of Temperance Society is coffee. A unique house blend, named Southside, tastes exceptionally good in milk-based brews. Predominately made up of beans sourced from Brazil and Colombia, the blend has tasting notes of hazelnut, cocoa and caramel, and is perfect for matching with a Temperance Society brunch.

Using a first-rate La Marzocco machine, the talented baristas also use MAKER Fine Coffee single origin beans to create their delicious black coffee. There is also cold drip, batch brew and V60 pour over available, depending on the season and availability of beans. As with the Southside blend, the black coffee is also perfectly matched to the seasonal menu options.

Granola bowls, smashed herbed peas and hot cakes have all been known to frequent the menu, while the signature brûlée bircher, served with watermelon jerky, has become a keen favourite for many.

The fit-out at Temperance Society is light and bright, just what you’d expect from a stylish cafe in the heart of Melbourne. Timber tables, outdoor bench seating and a brick courtyard create a feeling of urban oasis, a quality that Julien and Eamon imbue in each of their respective venues.

Temperance Society is introducing inner-city cafe culture to Hughesdale, one cup of specialty coffee at a time. Julien and Eamon have worked hard to create a destination location in Melbourne’s south, well and truly putting Hughesdale on the map.