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Minimales – towards a zero waste life

London London Greater London

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We are Perrine and Delphine, two Frenchwomen of 23 and 33 years old, both working in the education field. Naturalistas, recently vegetarians for sustainability reasons (we sadly said goodbye to bacon a few months ago!), we discovered the Zero waste movement altogether. London has been our adoptive town for several years now and it quickly became obvious to spread this philosophy here, in England!​


Truth is, It is a challenge to switch to a “zero waste life” in London. When we started,  few alternatives were available in the city in terms of sustainable household items and packaging-free goods. We have decided to become the solution to this problem by creating “Minimales – towards a zero waste life”.

Rather than insisting on all the depressing aspects of the environmental crisis, we want to focus on the existing solutions and alternatives and make them accessible to everyone by gathering them in the same place.  We want to insist on all the good vibes of the zero waste movement!


Moving towards a zero waste life has to be a choice and not a chore.  It’s not about making people feel guilty about the way they live their life, but proving that they are alternatives you can easily adopt on a regular basis.  We hope we will convince you that anyone can become a “consomactor” with a little bit of good will and help!